Security Operations

As a worldwide leader in global security services, Saladin’s highly trained and qualified personnel protect businesses, people and assets when and where it is most needed. From high-risk conflict zones to normal day-to-day operations, Saladin’s security services will keep you safe. We aim to manage the security risks to our clients in order to provide a safe workspace that allows staff to focus on their core objectives.

Close Protection

Saladin offers highly professional close protection services to ensure the personal security of diplomats, business people and VIP’s in a range of environments.

Saladin will provide clients with a well-qualified and experienced protection team. All of our close protection officers are trained to the highest level in a wide variety of tactical, protective and security-related subjects including first aid, protocol and counter-surveillance. Most bodyguards come from an ex-military or police background and all have specialised in the field of close protection.

We recognise that each client has specific needs and desires, which are assessed and addressed individually. Solutions are then planned and tailored to meet the most rigorous demands.

Asset Protection

Saladin provides bespoke solutions to protect valuable assets such as property, buildings, aircraft and yachts. Our consultants can liaise and formulate a plan to provide a complete package of technical and physical solutions tailored to the specific requirements. Threats and risks can be significantly reduced by the correct implementation of a risk assessment and practical security plan to ensure the safety and security of your assets and personnel.

Residential Security

Saladin has long experience in providing security staff to high end high value property often as part of a bespoke wider security solution.

Saladin offers an extensive range of security guarding and associated services, so you are able to protect yourself and your premises from crime. We will work with you to tailor a bespoke security guarding solution for your property – and can offer national and international solutions as required.


Saladin can provide surveillance services to organisations and individuals in order to gain evidence during an investigation. Saladin staff have many years of experience in covertly following surveillance subjects to obtain information on their movements, activities and contacts. This includes both mobile surveillance in vehicles and static surveillance from a fixed position. They meet the most exacting standards and have experience from specialist government-level agencies.

Surveillance may be considered for insurance fraud, corporate surveillance and electronic sweeps.


Saladin provides uniformed, manned security teams and reception services across a wide range of sectors including:

The global reach of Saladin means guarding services are provided in many countries around the world. The international experience of Saladin managers has resulted in a reputation for quality based also on its extensive employee screening, selection and training processes.