Security Operations

As a worldwide leader in global security services, Saladin’s highly trained and qualified personnel protect businesses, people and assets when and where it is most needed. From high risk conflict zones to normal day-to-day operations, Saladin’s security services will keep you safe. We aim to manage the security risks to our clients in order to provide a safe workspace that allows staff to focus on their core objectives.

Close Protection

Saladin offers highly professional close protection services to ensure the personal security of diplomats, business people and VIP’s in a range of environments.

Saladin will provide clients with a well qualified and experienced protection team. All of our close protection officers are trained to the highest level in a wide variety of tactical, protective and security related subjects including first aid, protocol and counter-surveillance. Most bodyguards come from an ex-military or police background and all have specialised in the field of close protection.

We recognise that each client has specific needs and desires, which are assessed and addressed individually. Solutions are then planned and tailored to meet the most rigorous demands.

Asset Protection

Saladin provides bespoke solutions to protect valuable assets such as property, buildings, aircraft and yachts. Our consultants can liaise and formulate a plan to provide a complete package of technical and physical solutions tailored to the specific requirements. Threat and risks can be significantly reduced by correct implementation of a risk assessment and practical security plan to ensure the safety and security of your assets and personnel.

Residential Security

Saladin has long experience in providing security staff to high end high value property often as part of a bespoke wider security solution.

Saladin offers an extensive range of security guarding and associated services, so you are able to protect yourself and your premises from crime. We will work with you to tailor a bespoke security guarding solution for your property – and can offer national and international solutions as required.


Saladin can provide surveillance services to organisations and individuals in order to gain evidence during an investigation. Saladin staff have many years of experience in covertly following surveillance subjects to obtain information on their movements, activities and contacts. This includes both mobile surveillance in vehicles and static surveillance from a fixed position. They meet the most exacting standards and have experience from specialist government level agencies.

Surveillance may be considered for insurance fraud, corporate surveillance and electronic sweeps.

Surveillance capability brochure:


Saladin provides uniformed, manned security teams and reception services across a wide range of sectors including:


Public Authorities



Retail and industry

The global reach of Saladin means guarding services are provided in many countries around the world. The international experience of Saladin managers has resulted in a reputation for quality based also on its extensive employee screening, selection and training processes.

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Saladin provides professional advice in various areas of risk management, helping create effective ways to overcome security threats and challenges that effect operations in complex environments.

Strategic Security Advice

Saladin assists companies, governments and organisations operating in complex environments, by assessing and reducing risk through measured analysis and processes. Our approach is focused to capacity build at the senior decision-making level, to enable clients to understand their critical risks, identify priorities, and make informed choices about where to invest resources to manage and reduce those risks.

Saladin’s long experience in unstable and volatile parts of the world provides us with a unique capability to support our clients at a strategic level in these environments.

Surveys and Assessments

Physical and technical security assessments can be carried out on residential and commercial premises, for individuals, organisations or insurers. Detailed reports will be produced with clear recommendations for security improvements balanced against the specific threat environment.

As part of this wider offering, Health and safety and environment (HSE) assessments can be conducted by qualified staff, in order to implement appropriate management systems. These are guided by risk assessments, job safety analysis, awareness training, audits, corrective action and continuous improvement.

Crisis Management

Saladin has great experience designing crisis management programmes, and in advising during the course of a crisis.

Effective crisis management involves implementing pre-planned and rehearsed procedures in order to provide maximum duty of care to staff involved, and to resume normal operations as quickly as possible with the least possible impact. All contingencies can be planned for, from fire damage to terrorist attack and by having an up to date and validated contingency plan, organisations can minimise the losses caused by a crisis.

The Saladin crisis planning team works with the client to assess the company’s areas of vulnerability, agree the corporate aims and objectives, identify potential participants and their agendas, prepare and rehearse contingency plans, and allocate resources.

Based on our extensive experience in crisis management, we assist in advising on the best structure of a crisis management team and draw up a comprehensive crisis management plan to deal with the wide range of scenarios. Our perspective is strategic, spanning organizational readiness, prevention, response and recovery, and in this context, we develop detailed incident management plans.

Kidnap / hijacking, ransom and extortion, response and mediation

With over 40 years’ experience, Saladin has the specialist capability of providing kidnap prevention and kidnap response services. The key element in this is the deployment of highly qualified, professional and resourceful men and women. These advisers respond to assist during negotiations, and in the design and implementation of loss prevention programmes.

Saladin also deals with extortion incidents, deploying a member of the global team of consultants to advise and support a client through the wide range of extortion situations.

The Background

Kidnapping and extortion has been occurring throughout recorded history. Lloyd’s started issuing Kidnap and Ransom policies after the tragic kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby in 1932. It was however not until after the epochal year of 1968 that terrorists began to use kidnapping as a standard tactic to obtain funds and to generate publicity. Criminal gangs followed their lead when they saw the potential for rich returns.

Initially no ancillary services existed to assist insured persons to reduce their exposure to risk, or to advise on the conduct of negotiations after a kidnap. This changed when in 1975 Saladin’s Chairman (as he is today), founded the first structured service to assist both insured and uninsured clients, working in particular with the leading Lloyd’s underwriter at the time. He and his colleagues devised and codified the procedures and coercive bargaining techniques that have today become widely accepted as standard operating procedures.

The Operatives

Saladin’s advisers normally come from a background of a senior position in the British diplomatic or military service; and have been specifically trained in negotiation and management procedures during a crisis. They are therefore men of presence and gravitas, which are essential attributes to give confidence and reassurance to clients. They are fluent in the languages of the countries in which they operate, and have great experience from previous incidents, and knowledge of those countries.

cpr training


Saladin runs training programmes across a broad range of security and related topics, tailor-made to the client’s requirements. Subjects include:

HEAT (hostile environment awareness training), for staff deploying to complex environments

Close protection

Advanced security driving

Security staff for offices, homes, hotels, banks, hospitals and factories

Kidnap prevention

Surveillance and counter-surveillance

Special Force and police training

Explosives detection and disposal methods

Internationally accredited online learning course: Qualified Security Manager (QSM).

The QSM course is designed for Security Focal Points (SFPs), who have security responsibilities within their role, but for whom security is not their core area of expertise. It is also for Security Managers who wish to formalise and enhance their knowledge of security management topics and add an accredited course to their portfolio


Saladin can advise on and manage integrated security systems through its long standing relationships with many of the leading manufacturers and producers of cutting edge security technology. Our expert knowledge of the market and independence, enables us to provide our clients with the most suitable and effective technical solution.

From fully integrated physical protection systems encompassing access control, video surveillance and perimeter alarm systems, to simple standalone camera installations. Whatever the requirement we are able to provide the most economically viable solution.


Saladin is independent of any manufacturer and is free to supply the most suitable equipment or systems to meet a client’s requirement. The company’s expertise ranges across the entire spectrum of security equipment and Saladin has the capability to research and procure the most appropriate equipment for a client’s requirements. Saladin will remain involved throughout the whole supply chain, to include procurement, shipping, installation, training and ongoing maintenance. Examples of equipment that may be procured include:

Armoured vehicles

Riot control equipment

Explosive detection devices

Access control systems


Personal protection devices

Logistics & Humanitarian Support


Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) makes land unusable to everyone, and comes in many different forms. All are potentially lethal, and pose a complex and widespread threat. Saladin can provide professional UXO search, disposal and training to the UN’s International Mine Action Standards (IMAS).

Qualified Staff

Saladin’s team includes former members of specialist military and police units, qualified and experienced in de-mining operations in demanding environments. They are used to dealing with a vast range of different munitions and the ever-changing designs of improvised explosive devices. They will adapt training and programmes to the different cultural approaches and expectations.

Non-Technical Survey (Impact Survey)

Saladin always base mine clearance work on thoroughly conducted surveys, initiating each project by interviewing locals and former combatants for a non-technical survey (usually not involving physical examination of the ground). All testimonies are then cross-checked against detailed mapping of the project area. With all this information at hand, the non-technical survey will conclude by declaring the area to be safe or classing it as a Suspected Hazardous Area (SHA) or Confirmed Hazardous Area (CHA).

Technical Survey

A technical survey of any SHA ensues, as a general rule using mechanised assets for the first and most dangerous entry. This will either clear the area from suspicion or render a CHA classification.


Finally, all CHA are cleared from mines, again using mechanised assets whenever possible. Based on terrain, area covered and expected findings, the most efficient choice can be anything from ground-penetrating radar and remote-control underwater cameras to robotic or manned armoured vehicles with crushers, tillers, chains or flails. K9 (dog) units and deminers with metal detectors and the latest protection gear follow to ensure that no ERW remain for the mandatory quality assurance and control.

Explosive ordnance disposal (EOD)

All unexploded ordnance (UXO) collected during demining or BAC is destroyed or disarmed through a process called explosive ordnance disposal (EOD), and Saladin’s operating procedures guarantee that this is carried out in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

Stockpile destruction

Larger amounts of surplus or abandoned UXO (AXO) are disposed of through stockpile destruction. This can involve industrial demilitarisation, in which munitions are dismantled and recycled, or open burning / open detonating (OBOD), in which munitions are destroyed in a field. As with EOD, Saladin’s strict safety and environmental standards ensure that the optimal method is used in each instance.

Quality management (QM)

All projects undertaken by Saladin are entirely transparent, with real-time monitoring made available through our GIS department. They are also continuously subjected to quality assurance to ascertain that standard operating procedures are adhered to, and at the conclusion of each project, our stringent quality control will certify that an area is safe before land is released to locals and developers. Exceeding the international mine action standards, our quality control is also offered as a standalone service to other mine action companies and organisations. The importance of rigorous quality control can obviously not be overstated; any doubts as to whether an area is safe will harm trust and provide an obstacle to progress.

Mine risk education (MRE)

With 80% of the 15,000-20,000 annual mine casualties being civilians and anywhere from 30 to 60% of these being children, mine risk education is of paramount importance to affected local populations. Saladin offers education that not only complies with IMAS but also draws on our long experience and technical knowledge in the field. Over time, we have found that different audiences require different angles to best understand and heed the advice given.

Election monitoring

International election observers work worldwide to facilitate the development of democratic structures and support fair and free elections. The work involves many challenges and the observers often rely on organisational and logistical support before, during and even after the election. Saladin can provide support to these observers using its in-country structures and many years of experience in the field to facilitate these so-called election observation missions. Countries often call upon independent election observers to guarantee compliance with the principles of democratic elections.